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Please come on in and try some of Our Summer Specials.

 We are home of the “Chicago-Style”Deep Dish Pizza. We always have 16 beers on draft, appetizers, salads, soups& combos, pastas, daily drink &food specials, Stromboli’s, thin crust pizzas, Italian beef, arcade games, big screen TV, and desserts . Come on infor a great family experience.

                                     Our specials for the month 

Blue Mondays- $2.00 Margaritas, bleu chez1/2lb. burgers $4.99

Tuesdays- Import draft of the day $3.50, allwell drinks $2.50,( KIDS EAT FREE TODAY)

Wednesdays- Wine down Wednesdays, all housewines $3.00, domestic bottle beers $2.00

Thursdays- Well long island $4.00, PBR cuties$2.00

Fridays- Martini of the day $4.00, black &tans $3.50

Saturdays- Domestic buckets of beer $11.00,well cosmos $4.00
Sunday- $5.00 domestic pitchers, $4.00 mimosas,bloody marys for $3.00 
                 (DRAFT BEER)
*PBR                                      *Dos Equis
*Stella                                    *312
*Guiness                               *Bass
*Sam seasonal                   *Fat Tire
*Peroni                               *Blue moon                             *Coors Light                      *Miller Lite  

*Bud Light

*Leinie  (Summer shandy)                                     *Four Horseman

* Miller lite 
                    * MGD
* Coors lite                     * Blue moon
* Sam adams
                 * Fosters lager
* Newe castle brown ale
     * Wood chuck cider
* Bud                             * Bud lite              
* Heineken                     * Red bridge
* Kaliber n/a                  *Sierra Nevada pale ale
* Michelob ultra              * Bud light lime
* Corona                        * Corona lite  
* Red stripe